An SOS as expected from the travelers by berelaxed

An SOS as expected from the travelers

Early this morning a seagull dropped a shell on the patio with a cryptic message from the Trollwife and Eddy the rubber ducky. Their trip was disastrous to put it mildly. The large waves were too much for them and they soon swamped! Luckily, they are both good swimmers, I mean look at the Trollwife's feet, almost flippers! Alas, the waves tumbled them terribly until they grabbed onto floating lobster buoys . Eddy was sure they were safe, but the roiling sea and tumbling waves pulled them under the surface. Attached beneath the buoys were two yellow cages, empty lobster traps, and the travelers were swept inside!! Now, let me tell you, the Trollwife is very tricksy and can hold her breath longer than Houdini. Eddy is a duck, so breath holding is not problem for him either, but the seconds were ticking by and they were trapped. Suddenly, a thunderous, monster wave picked up the traps, the captives tossing them tumbling over and over in the surf onto Duxbury Beach. They scrambled out of the damaged traps, coughing and spluttering, safe and sound, but shivering.

Years of living under damp bridges has made the Trollwife hardy and imperious to dampness and cold, just like a duck. So, she found a comfy clamshell, settled in and began whistling for a gull. She bribed the messenger gull with some stinky fish chum found in the lobster trap bait bag. The gull lifted off into the air carrying the SOS scratched on a shell in it's beak, giving me their position. Eddy's internal GPS helped save them and direct me to them. This is how I found the two travelers, resting in the sand after their harrowing and salty adventure. If I know the Trollwife, this is probably not the end of the story.

You can see her now in the extra.

My years 30 years working professionally with 5 year olds might have influenced this silliness...

For the Record,
This day came in with snow and cool temperatures. Just a skiff of snow that has disappeared, but for a moment it looked like winter.

All hands begging for PEACE.
Oh this made me smile , I enjoyed your story and the image is so cute fav
January 31st, 2023  
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