From a Different Angle by bernicrumb

From a Different Angle

Most photos I've taken of the exterior of the Mt. Alvernia Franciscan Motherhouse in Millvale,PA have been from the front of the building. This time, on the visit my family made to see our great aunt right after Christmas, I stood on the Northwest side of the main entrance on the driveway that crosses immediately in front of the building to get this shot. It had rained earlier in the day and the water remaining on the bricks intensified the colors somewhat.

Since what I had though would be my last visit to the Motherhouse back in November when the Sisters had been told they'd be moving the first week of December, the company that has purchased the property has been busy removing practically every vestige of sculpture and carvings on the exterior of the building that even hinted that it was built as a convent. The statue of Christ that stood on the top of the arched porch (right in front of my great aunt's bedroom windows) and the gilded crosses that were on the peak of the central Spire and along the rooftop of the chapel nave have been removed. Inside, the artwork and photographs that were on the walls of the hallways and in the various public rooms as well as the beautiful Blessed Mother statue in the dining room are gone. Soon the marble altar and the chapel's Stations of the Cross will be taken out of the chapel and transported to a church in South Dakota. It was painful to see.

There's been yet another delay for the Sisters of Saint Francis to move to their new home. They were supposed to move last June, then August, then September, then October, and then the first week of December.. Another delay was announced and they were told that they'd be moving in early January. And the day before we came to visit, they were told that there was another delay!

They finally told the people who were dealing with the latest glitch in getting their new residence licensed as a retirement/nursing home that they didn't want to hear any new moving dates until the problems were fully resolved.

I hope that they get the licensing mess cleared up soon, because I don't know if the elderly sisters can continue to bear the stress of the transition that keeps getting postponed. :-(
So sad to read of the problems of moving. It must be painful for the Sisters seeing all their loved treasures being taken down and moved before they are out.
So glad you were able to get some shots before the changes were made!
January 7th, 2019  
It’s a tragic tale, seeing your home change and not knowing when you have to move.
January 7th, 2019  
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