Combine harvester - but not as we know it! by bigmxx

Combine harvester - but not as we know it!

Day 254 - This is an old Threshing Machine manufactured by Barclay, Ross & Togh of Aberdeen, between 1903 and 1919 and was still in regular use up until 1980. These threshing machines combined all of the processes to thresh grain, removing the seeds from the stalks and the husks, before these machines the job was done by hand. The machines were driven by belts powered by a portable steam engine or a stem traction engine, later on the belts would have been powered by diesel tractors.
that's great - I've seen one of these, but it wasn't so well lit. Where is this?
September 12th, 2019  
@anniesue I took this at Grange Barn in Colchester, the barn is a restored barn and this is located inside
September 12th, 2019  
What a wonderful old machine.
September 12th, 2019  
@bigmxx ta - isn't it great that they survive
September 12th, 2019  
@chrisiow It was in good condition I'd loved to have seen it in action @anniesue It's lovely that there are people who have an interest in preserving these things for future generations to see
September 16th, 2019  
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