The Landing Keeper by bigugly

The Landing Keeper

As I head up the stairway, I come across the dreaded Landing Keeper, who stops me and says, "I am the Landing Keeper, and all who wish to pass must answer me three questions and if they answer correctly, the other side they shall see." Now obviously Doppler has watched waaaay to much Monty Python, but I humor him, and tell him to fire away.

Landing Keeper: What is your name?
Me: Your master
Landing Keeper: What is your quest?
Me: To enter the room where we pee.
Landing Keeper: In which pocket is my treat?
Me: The left, here you go boy.
Landing Keeper: You may pass.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - simply wonderful - I love the Landing Kepper - what an intelligent creature - lol and a handsome one too
September 22nd, 2014  
@annied We've done this before, so I always have a treat in my pocket now.
September 22nd, 2014  
looks fearsome indeed.
September 22nd, 2014  
And I believe he does his job well
September 22nd, 2014  
Ah! The ever vigilant Landing Keeper. NIce shot of him
September 22nd, 2014  
September 22nd, 2014  
Great portrait
September 22nd, 2014  
Lovely shot, love that dialogue!
September 22nd, 2014  
What a great is adorable. Perfect. FAV
September 22nd, 2014  
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