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Update; 30,07,2017
July 29th concludes my fourth year on 365. I didn't always post every day, but I still have not missed shooting every day; that's 1461 consecutive days without a miss! WHOOO HOOO!

Update: 16, 08, 2016
I now live in Rochester, NY. I moved here mainly for medical care that could not be done in Madison, WI.
On July 29th, 2016 I completed my third year on 365. I have not posted everyday, but I have taken a photo a day since I joined. On that date I had posted 1096 consecutive images, (the odd number is due to a leap day this year.

Update: 01, 03, 2016
I'm currently in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I spend my days discovering my new location and photographing it. I'm also learning how to use public transportation. I've never lived in a city with a subway before, and I although I remember street cars from Milwaukee, WI; I don't think I ever rode one there. I have used them here.

730... Yes two full years and no fillers. I'm retired now and I spend a lot of time in my quest for an image for the day. Before I retired, I had more time to spend commenting here on 365 (I worked at a desk job). Now I'm too busy to comment every day, but I still try to get around to it.

Update 6 January, 2015

Once more, I accomplished my goal and posted 365 images for calendar year 2014 without a filler, that brings to 520 consecutive days without a filler. As in the past, I didn't post every day, but I took a photo every day, (usually more than just one) and got them posted for the correct day when I was able to do so. This community is awesome and awe inspiring and I keep motivation by playing with the themes and challenges and most of all from viewing your images and reading your comments.

UPDATE 08/2014
I did it! I completed my first year on 29/07/2014. I took a minimum of one picture a day, most days I took many. I have no fillers. I procrastinated for several months before joining this wonderful group of people. I finally jumped in and I'm so glad I did. What a fantastic group of inspiring and supportive people from all over the world. My next goal is to complete the entire calendar year without missing a day. I suspect that will be pretty easy, especially with the challenges, competitions, themes, and so on. At first I was intimidated by the Five Plus Two Themes,and taking a selfie at all, but that sure has changed. Thanks everyone for the comments and favs to date.

If you’ve got the time while visiting my photos, I suggest you read my tags. Occasionally you’ll find some humor in them, usually in regards to the photo, or my efforts in making it.

I reside in Madison, Wisconsin. I work in IT and take photos as a hobby. I began this project on July 30, 2013.

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