Reading is a pleasure done at leisure! by bizziebeeme

Reading is a pleasure done at leisure!

More reading this evening (The Undomestic Goddess) and enjoying the book Mille lent me, Millie loves Sophie Kinsella books and must admit I have enjoyed this one too. Especially the first few chapters well would be the kind of responses I would have expected from Millie - lol expect now she loves her cleaning! . Lol last year Millie challenged me to read a book a month and I never did so told her that I WILL this year 😊. She saw the book and said oh mum your doing well so is it 20 books for 2020 🀣 well let’s see if I can take her up in the challenge πŸ˜†
Oh that Millie, she keeps you on your toes!
January 21st, 2020  
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