So nearly finished now.... by bizziebeeme

So nearly finished now....

Trays just left for finishing touches. So managed a day without falling today! Thankfully after the fall yesterday I’m not suffering any after effects. But I am a danger to myself and I think I should always keep my feet on the ground as I had quiet a few near tumbles. Think it must be my age now I’ve hit 50🤣. So next be to decorated is the landing.
Had a engineer come today and must say was quite apalled. No face mask and I kept backing off (As I do like at leastTWOmetres distanced but he certainly didn’t know distance. I did phone the company and they said I should have requested face mask when booking the appointment...well who would think they had to request it. Surely the engineer should wear one out of politeness and respect the pandemic!!
Off shopping tomorrow but probably back home within an hour!
You youngsters! ;-) (I'm 67)
Seriously, please do take care.

As for the engineer and his company - polite words fail me.
October 9th, 2020  
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