Motherhood is just so emotional  by bizziebeeme

Motherhood is just so emotional

Just have to grin and ear it and carry on with life..
My middle brother took an overdose and his wife was messaging updates on a group chat and was using hi lovelies……and hi darlings ….. And my youngest brother asked politely I thought
“Sandie just keep it respectful and succinct. We don’t need introductions like lovelies and darlings… just a simple Hi will do and a simple succinct update on Aubs progress Thank you. And her response “sorry Darren that’s purely my way of starting a conversation!!!! Just as I prefer to end correspondence to anyone regardless of how well I know them with a x because personally feel less formal.
And then followed with “ I don’t like full stops at the end of a conversation because to me it feels abrupt
And then followed with”I will do my best from now on to address your a way that can’t upset or o offend
Any how I said that actually agreed with Darren said (although never said he should have actually written it in the chat.
According to my youngest daughter I should have even said I agreed with what he said so now I’m (our family) are nasty people to Sandie. As I actually blame Sandie for the position Aubrey Is why did she let him drive off with all his anxiety meds (as the chemist messed up as he had plenty). Especially when he mentioned about felling suicidal. If it was my husband I would have hid his meds and I certainly would not of let he drive off to stay at her daughters house.
So now after a few phone calls from Millie Sunday and Monday and making me feeling upset and ending conversation abruptly.
Tuesday she called her dad and Wednesday she. Called her dad where her dad tried explaining but apparently we are nasty people. . He said do you like upsetting your mother and making her cry. She just cut off and then called back saying she is going to take a break from the family.
I never knew or realised Motherhood could be so emotional. I know I’m a sensitive soul but why can children be so hurtful. Trying hard to keep my busy.
Sorry for the rant but I find it helps to get it off off chest. I don’t have any people whom I can talk too.
I’m not sure I completely follow your story but I’m happy to be part of a community you feel you can vent to and yes motherhood can be very difficult and emotional.

This is a really lovely photo too
May 19th, 2022  
Life can be so hard, so wrong. Prayers for your brother and for you.
May 19th, 2022  
I hope things settle down soon. Family drama is the worst .....
May 19th, 2022  
Oh dear Laura…after your recent lovely wedding too.
So sorry to hear about your brother…always upsetting to hear how desperate your loved ones are feeling.
I will guarantee it will all settle down in a while, everyone is upset & say things they don’t mean later when things have calmed down.
Lie low & wait.
May 19th, 2022  
A beautiful photo it is too. Fave,
May 19th, 2022  
May 20th, 2022  
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