Fisticuff flowers by blightygal

Fisticuff flowers

Where I live is within a couple of yards of three popular pubs. Sadly with late licenses and various lock-ins, we get to witness the stupidity of too much drink on a regular basis. So lucky huh? It's such a shame, it's a nice place to live in the week, it's just the weekend it seems to turn into the wild west.

Last weekend in the early hours, a man was hit on the head with a heavy pub garden chair twice. He fell right outside my front door. The friends that were with him were too drunk to do anything than scream and shout in panic. I ended up having to go outside to tell the bloke calling the ambulance where he was because he didn't have a clue, put the poor bloke in the recovery position and cover him with a blanket. His sister then took a clean towel and held it against the head wound that looked the worst.

You'd think that would be the end of it huh? Nope. Police didn't arrive for 20 mins, despite being half a mile up the road. The ambulance had to come from the next town and they took longer. So while sitting there trying to talk to this bloke as he kept going in and out of consciousness, many, very drunk rubberneckers came along and decided it would be a good idea to film the incident (holding a phone camera at his face) and then another fight started just inches from the poor fella on the ground. I may sound old here, but I was really disgusted at this point. Morons, the lot of them. I would've left them to it at this point, but the blanket I'd covered him in was one I made, and it took me the best part of a year - I wanted it back!!

A week later, today, his sister stopped by with a lovely bunch of flowers to say thanks for looking after her brother and sorry for waking us. Apparently he spent a week in hospital and just went home yesterday. Seemed that the attack was completely random - they were walking out of the pub and two guys ran up behind them and just hit them. I thought it was lovely of her to stop by when she didn't need to, and it was really nice to see someone be kind after a long summer of drunk tossers.

Oh and somebody with excellent taste in flowers too - no garage offerings! A bit better than the murder that happened on the doorstep of my daughter's student house. 'Fortunately' a few days before she went back because I think very traumatic - just a kid...
October 20th, 2013  
@judithg Goodness me, that sounds terrifying. I hope your daughter coped ok.. and got to feel for the family of the youngster :-(
October 20th, 2013  
Blimey! Hope the blanket came out ok. Never go down the pub anymore. My local is the sofa these days!
October 24th, 2013  
@rich57 Me too! I have to go to the pub tonight for some leaving drinks of a friend, I really do not want to go. Is it getting old?!
October 24th, 2013  
Was thinking about you last night as we worked our way through a morass of student nightclubbers and slightly revised my desire to move closer to the city centre...
November 3rd, 2013  
@judithg Yeah.. don't do it! Grins. I spotted a lovely run down old house in Pevensey Bay that I really drooled over - private road, on the beach and nowhere near a pub!!!
November 3rd, 2013  
@blightygal Oh that sounds fab!
November 3rd, 2013  
Oh what a story - sickening and heartening at the same time. Beautiful pic of the flowers.
November 8th, 2013  
Great story (so long as you weren't in it) and a lovely photo of the well-deserved flowers
November 11th, 2013  
LOL whenever you turn up, there's always a good story to go with the photo!!! Hope your blanket was ok....well you did want to move.....:-) hope otherwise things are good. I see that its us old crew that have come to make comments... @rich57 @judithg @boxplayer
November 28th, 2013  
Hello you doing (o;
January 14th, 2014  
This is beautiful!!! So good to see you again :-)
February 10th, 2014  
What a story! Reading these last comments, it seems you drop by once in THANK YOU for choosing me this time! It's so nice to hear from an old friend again! ♥
April 5th, 2014  
How are you doing - just dropped by on Cherrill - miss you both!
June 17th, 2014  
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