A home without a pet is not a home.. by blightygal

A home without a pet is not a home..

New addition to the family! Been with us just over a week and she's a delight. I've never had a kitten before (she's nearly 5 months old) and boy, they are a lot of fun!

Her old owner only had her a few weeks and has been called back to the USA to look after her American husbands parent who has taken a turn for the worst sadly, and they had to rehome their cat.

She was called 'Do-Sa' (The Do sounds more like a Doo), by her owners but we found that quite hard to like. As she knows her name my father in law came up with Lucy, so not to sound too different. So Lucy it is!

We still miss out lovely cat Leo, was one of a kind. It's so nice to have another pet in the home to love and fuss over.

Oh Lucy...You're a little beauty!!! I know the heartbreak of loss as well as this pleasure of new delight! Enjoy her!
October 5th, 2019  
@Weezilou Thanks Louise and kind of you to comment :-)
We've enjoyed having her, but yesterday she decided to wee all over me in bed to get me up at 6am.. Will cost about £150 to replace what now has to be thrown away. Not such a delightful cat after all!!
October 5th, 2019  
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