Poorly Petrolhead by blightygal

Poorly Petrolhead

Here's our girl, sitting on the parcel shelf of my mini. She loves it.

She's also been let down badly. Yesterday she had an xray on her leg as it's been giving her trouble.

The nurse only then overdosed her 5 times the amount of pain killer she was supposed to have.
We had to take her to an animal hospital (the Royal Vet College in Potters Bar) where she's been the last 24 hours hooked up on a drip. They are trying to flush away the medicine so it doesn't damage her stomach or her kidneys and/or kill her. We won't know if it's starting to work for another 24 hours.

The makers of the pain killer recommend 6 whole days of being on an IV. I don't think she will take it to be honest. She's very distrusting of strangers, she barely trusts us. She's not eating apparently and is just hiding. I wish we could go and visit her but with covid restrictions, we're not allowed into the building. If she does survive, I think it will make her even more nervous and distrusting, I think it will ruin the quality of her life.

Keeping fingers crossed that she survives this, she's only 18 months old, it's so unfair that she's going through this, esp as it was due to neglect.. I am hopping mad at the vets - they've been sloppy recently, making bad choices with people's pets, sometimes resulting in death. I didn't want to take her there and wanted to change vets but again, with covid, other vets aren't taking on new patients.

We just want our girl home safe and sound. It's empty & soulless without her.

Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear this, you must be bereft, what a terrible thing to happen. Sending all my good wishes that she recovers from what sounds like an ordeal. x
November 29th, 2020  
@boxplayer Thanks, all the good sends are appreciated. Had another call this morning and there's sadly signs of kidney damage, which if she pulls through, will shorten her life later down the track. She's not eating either so they are thinking of sedating her now and putting in a feeding tube. My poor little girl x
November 30th, 2020  
Oh, I am so sorry to hear all of this! It is just so devastating when our furry friends are having such a hard time. They bring so much joy to our lives, don't they? My best to you and your sweet kitty
December 6th, 2020  
Oh no! That’s terrible- we’ve been so lucky with our vet and they let us go inside with Monty on his final visit (in fact they’ve set up the living room of the adjoining house that the previous vet lived in for euthanasia so it’s less stressful for animals). I’d be beside myself if they’d done this. Thank goodness from your next post that she’s still with you.
January 13th, 2021  
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