After dedicating a good proportion of your waking hours to your 365 project, you might be wondering how you can share your talents with family and friends in your own home. Well, ixxi (pronounced ik-see) has come up with a creative solution – and you lucky lot get a whopping 10% off in their exclusive offer for 365 Project Members!

Go to the ixxi site and enter the code '365project' at checkout to claim your discount throughout November.

IXXI is a simple and effective way of showcasing your photography, although they do have some stock images of their own that people can choose to use. Using a hanging strip and a set of clips that are X and I shaped, the specially printed cards can be hung on a wall or used as a room divider. Genius!

All you need to do is choose to enlarge or pixelate your image, or create a collage. Next decide how big you want your ixxi system to be then upload your images. Simple.

The printed cards are guaranteed waterproof, do not rip or curl and are UV resistant, which means that you can hang your ixxi in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories, without worrying about ruining a printed photo.

ixxi Inspired Ideas - What you could do with yours!

Create an Album - An ixxi collage is a great way to compile a photo album of family and friends over the years, of a holiday, a special event or even of a theme you have used in your project.

Make a Montage - Perfect for a 365 Project! OK, maybe not all of your 365 project photos, but your favourites can be combined in an ixxi collage, so you can give your photography pride of place in your home.

Portrait Collection - The collage option in ixxi is also a wonderful way to showcase a photo shoot, especially of children and pets – and makes a great gift for someone too.

Think Big - You can enlarge a single image to fill a huge space on a wall, to be used as a room divider and even to showcase your work in an exhibition space. The cards come in the right order so you can build your ixxi quickly and easily.

Think Modern - Create a focal point with the ixxi Pixelated option. All you need to do is choose the number of cards and upload your image. ixxi do the rest.

Think Abstract - Have some fun with the ixxi system! Upload images of colourful surfaces and interesting textures and build your own abstract ixxi collage. They have some inspirational ideas in their special collection that use shape and colour to create a feature.

Go to the ixxi site - and remember to use the '365project' voucher code at checkout to claim 10% discount!

posted November 8th, 2012
Wow cool!
posted November 9th, 2012
Will definitely have to check this out. How long will it be available? I'll be away from home for a few days and won't be back on 365 until next Thursday!
posted November 9th, 2012
neat! but it doesn't look like it's available to Canadians?
posted November 9th, 2012
@olivetreeann hi, the offer is available until the ed of November :-)

@harley84 hi, It should be, they ship worldwide, although you may have to pay in USD.
posted November 9th, 2012
Oh, way cool!!!
posted November 11th, 2012
@Scrivna Thanks Ross!! :o)
posted November 12th, 2012
great idea!
posted November 25th, 2012
This is very cool. Is there a way to see the price list without uploading photo's?
posted June 24th, 2013
This looks cool. Will they be offering another discount? @Scrivna
posted May 13th, 2014
@Scrivna Hi Ross, what a lovely idea.
For those of us who have come on board later than this post, is it possible for them to offer a permanent discount for 365ers?
Thank you
posted August 30th, 2018
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