1) Highland cattle by Shepherdman's Wife

2) 2017-11-13 evening stroll by Mona

3) Crab Apple by *lynn

4) ice glitter by Jerome

5) Pink Blur by FBailey

6) More Fern by KWind

7) Kaffir lily flowers....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~

8) Another Glacier Image by Karly

9) Joey by Jennifer

10) gunslinger by Graeme Stevens

11) To day was one of those day`s by Pyrrhula

12) On Alert by gloria jones

13) Cicada by Joanna kate

14) lest we forget... by ☠northy

15) Door by Joan Robillard

16) blue drop by April

17) Jumping Egret by Stef Neyhart

18) Grey seal pup by Suzanne

19) Amongst the trees by Claude Trew

20) The Four Seasons Tree: I Give You Fall by Simply Amanda

  1. Highland cattle by shepherdmanswife

  2. 2017-11-13 evening stroll by mona65

  3. Crab Apple by lynnz

  4. ice glitter by jerome

  5. Pink Blur by fbailey

  6. More Fern by kwind

  7. Kaffir lily flowers....... by ziggy77

  8. Another Glacier Image by 365karly1

  9. Joey by jesperani

  10. gunslinger by graemestevens

  11. To day was one of those day`s by pyrrhula

  12. On Alert by seattlite

  13. Cicada by joannakate

  14. lest we forget... by northy

  15. Door by joansmor

  16. blue drop by aecasey

  17. Jumping Egret by stefneyhart

  18. Grey seal pup by suzanne234

  19. Amongst the trees by claudiet

  20. The Four Seasons Tree: I Give You Fall by alophoto

November 18th, 2017
Fabulous selection... Congrats to all...
November 19th, 2017
What amazing company to be included in - Thank you so much for this wonderful honor!
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