1) Double Rainbow Over Chicago by TaffyR

2) i bring you the moon by ☠northy

3) WindFarm and Weather by *lynn

4) 2018-06-04 evening stroll... by Mona

5) Lowered Landing Gear! by Islandgirl

6) Strolling in the sunset by Denise Wood

7) A frosty morning. by sally agnew

8) Lined Up Leaves by gloria jones

9) "Oh give me a home ...... by Karly

10) Northern Norway by Elisabeth Sæter

11) Poppy Panorama by FBailey

12) Spot the Spoon by Babs

13) Baby Frog and Bug In Jim's Pond by Jane Pittenger

14) Goldfinch by Pam Knowler

15) Merriland River by Joan Robillard

16) Last Rays Of Sunlight (best viewed Large) by carol white

17) Flexible by CC Folk

18) The Victor! by Richard Brown

19) Lantern flowers by ~*~ Jo ~*~

20) Biology of the Prairie Crocus by Peter Dulis

  1. Double Rainbow Over Chicago by taffy

  2. i bring you the moon by northy

  3. WindFarm and Weather by lynnz

  4. 2018-06-04 evening stroll... by mona65

  5. Lowered Landing Gear! by radiogirl

  6. Strolling in the sunset by gilbertwood

  7. A frosty morning. by hermann

  8. Lined Up Leaves by seattlite

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