1) Extra Early by *lynn

2) 2018-11-19 la danseuse by Mona

3) Above and below....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~

4) Seattle Sunset by gloria jones

5) Split Rail Fence by Walks @ 7

6) Blue Tit by Shepherdman's Wife

7) Tea for two ... NO ... seeds for two! by Faye Turner

8) Fall or Winter? by Karly

9) A frosty morning by haskar

10) Waiting For Godot by Jerome

11) Grouse by Margaret Brown

12) Why can’t I just fly away? by jDM 😎

13) Charles Bridge by john morley

14) Red kite by ChristineL

15) I Survived by CC Folk

16) Sunrise by Islandgirl

17) Autumn In Great Brington by carol white

18) Poser_DSC2120 by Merrelyn

19) Percy The Goose. by tony gig

20) sacred kingfisher by KoalaGardens

  1. Extra Early by lynnz

  2. 2018-11-19 la danseuse by mona65

  3. Above and below....... by ziggy77

  4. Seattle Sunset by seattlite

  5. Split Rail Fence by joysabin

  6. Blue Tit by shepherdmanswife

  7. Tea for two ... NO ... seeds for two! by fayefaye

  8. Fall or Winter? by 365karly1

  9. A frosty morning by haskar

  10. Waiting For Godot by jerome

  11. Grouse by craftymeg

  12. Why can’t I just fly away? by joemuli

  13. Charles Bridge by jack4john

  14. Red kite by inthecloud5

  15. I Survived by gardenfolk

  16. Sunrise by radiogirl

  17. Autumn In Great Brington by carolmw

  18. Poser_DSC2120 by merrelyn

  19. Percy The Goose. by tonygig

  20. sacred kingfisher by koalagardens

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