1) Brant St Pier by Peter Dulis

2) 1st Light by Richard Brown

3) Our two youngest Granddaughters and our dogs by Shepherdman's Wife

4) Deep Sky Stack by Jane Pittenger

5) Young Eagle by *lynn

6) Mather Point by KV

7) Permanently closed by haskar

8) orange by kali

9) Month of Hearts 2022 by KWind

10) The male of the species. by Lee

11) PIed Piper of Geese by Junko Y

12) Just Before Last Night's Shot by Milanie

13) Eagle eye by Diana

14) Mrs.Bucket walking her dog.. by joeyM

15) Flash of Red 28 by Carole Sandford

16) Low Key Washday by Issi Bannerman

17) Tough day for the "bluebird of happiness"! by Kerry McCarthy

18) A while ago... by gloria jones

19) make love not war by Graeme Stevens

20) FOR 25 by Islandgirl

  1. Brant St Pier by pdulis

  2. 1st Light by rjb71

  3. Our two youngest Granddaughters and our dogs by shepherdmanswife

  4. Deep Sky Stack by jgpittenger

  5. Young Eagle by lynnz

  6. Mather Point by kvphoto

  7. Permanently closed by haskar

  8. orange by kali66

  9. Month of Hearts 2022 by kwind

  10. The male of the species. by gamelee

  11. PIed Piper of Geese by jyokota

  12. Just Before Last Night's Shot by milaniet

  13. Eagle eye by ludwigsdiana

  14. Mrs.Bucket walking her dog.. by joemuli

  15. Flash of Red 28 by carole_sandford

  16. Low Key Washday by jamibann

  17. Tough day for the "bluebird of happiness"! by mccarth1

  18. A while ago... by seattlite

  19. make love not war by graemestevens

  20. FOR 25 by radiogirl


Many people ask me questions about how photos and ranking are chosen for the Top 20. This discussion is usually a grievance that their photo should have been on the list or they are being singled out and the system is unfair in some way.
I want to make clear that this list is generated by a computer algorithm, it looks at some aspects of the photos stats.. like how many "Favs" the photo had in the last 7 days, the date the photo was posted on etc. It then attempts to rank those photos.

Unfortunately the computer sometimes disagrees with your personal opinion. No person or the computer has enough information to make a perfect decision about this... for example a user may have stolen a photo from the internet and posted it as their own.. it's extremely difficult to identify when that happens... so mistakes happen... people frequently try to cheat systems like this, I have tried to make it as equitable as possible, but please know that this page, this algorithm is dumb, it's making guesses based on some numbers in a machine, and it doesn't have all the information it would really need to make a perfect decision, it's making trade-offs and guesses.

This top 20 is not a true reflection of anyones photography skills, self worth, or anything else, its only intention is some light entertainment. No person is ever singled out favourable or unfavourably.

Please know I don't want any person to feel bad or upset about the contents of this page (or the popular page etc). It's just a computer making guesses and you personally are worth a lot more to this community, your family, friends etc than the computer could ever know.

March 5th, 2022
I hate that you feel compelled to write this disclaimer! Anyone who has been here for any length of time should realize nothing on this site is intended to be a statement of skill or worth. Anyone who judges their own ability by whether they reach the Top Twenty or not has a very fragile ego and needs to look elsewhere for the cause of their low self esteem and insecurities. In almost 11 years of being on this site l have only once found someone that was not positive in their approach to others. This is the most 'user friendly" social media I have ever seen and I applaud you for the effort you put in to it to make it that way! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
March 6th, 2022
@grammyn well said Katy - when I do check the TT, PP and TP it's to see what photos from friends I might have missed.
March 6th, 2022
@grammyn Well said Katy.
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