It's one of our favourite times of each month - that's right, we're announcing the latest 365project theme winner! But first, THANK YOU to everyone who reviewed the finalists and voted for a winner of March's "Depth of Field" theme.

We're thrilled to reveal @pompadoorphotography as the winner!

It fills us with joy to see newer members thriving in the 365 community, with their second theme win of the year already!

Understandably, fellow 365'ers marveled at the double exposure effect that has been creatively applied to emphasize the already-stunning Depth of Field achieved in the shot. We absolutely love @pompadoorphotography's creativity and flair, which is eye-catching and inspiring. Both are essential elements for a theme-winning photograph!

Don't forget there is still lots of time to get involved in our latest theme! Click this link to take part in April's "Seasons" theme.

Remember to upload and tag your entries by April 30th. We'll reveal the finalists within the first couple of days in May!

April 26th, 2023
Thank you so much!!! :)) I am really happy! :)
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