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A while back I posted on the discussion board about how to achieve the cool effect of duplicating yourself many times in 1 photo, as in the picture below. I'm putting a link back to the original post as I think people may still find it useful and it's gotten rather lost in the discussion area now. To find out how to... Read more
A few months back I posted a discussion thread on how to achieve the effect seen in the image below. It's called Slow Shutter Panning and is a fun way to experiment with the shutter speed on your camera. Check out the replies to the post too as there were some good comments and suggestions made. For full details read the original... Read more
In last weeks edition of the Newsly Weekletter I decided to try something a bit different. Instead of putting a grid of 6 photos into a table and displaying them side by side I figured I should get a bit funky on you. Now my idea of funky isn't 60's style luminous colours or anything like that, I'm more of... Read more
Are you a gadget addict? Do you love new toys? Then read on for my personal pick of accessories you need to have in your kit bag! All of these items I own and can personally recommend. 1) Bottle Top Tripod The Bottle Top Pod is just genius, throw them in your kit bag / handbag and you instantly have a tripod... Read more
In our last post I covered just What is a 365 Project? In this post I'd like to cover how to get started and how to keep it up! 1) Pick a Subject... or Don't Most 365 Projects have some kind of theme running through them, personally my theme is just my life, I use my 365 Project as more of a... Read more
A 365 Project is a photography project, you take 1 photo each day for a year on a subject of your choosing and share it with the world. So.. What's all the fuss? Recently there has been a big hype about 365 Projects, everyone seems to be doing one, each with their own individual take on the subject. Some people take photos... Read more