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BBC Look East were kind enough to feature 365 Project on the evening news last week. The show went out on Friday (21st Jan 2010) to around 500,000 people. Some of the lucky 365ers from the region got their photos highlighted on the program. You can view the full conversation on the discussion boards here Below is the video, featuring a... Read more
1) The Light... Tahoe: Late Afternoon by Dayna Titus 2) Footsies by Zoie 3) Pop! by Sarah Watson 4) Carousel Dream by Tom Stokes 5) On the trot by David 6) Ruddington's golden hour by Vikdaddy 7) Tone deaf by Tom Stokes 8) Heading home with my hoops.... by Judith Greenwood 9) ...Love Match... by Mhel Vera 10) Whimsy by Amy Hughes ... Read more
1) Snowflake VII by Lori Rompolski 2) Snail Traffic Jam by Peter Auliciems 3) Magical Evening by Lauren Dahlhauser 4) You Feel Lucky? by Amy Hughes 5) Callum by Sarah White 6) mountaineer extraaordinaire by Lael Masinton 7) A Really Bad Egg by Lizzie Jakins 8) Anyone for Easter? by Peter Van Allen 9) Fatality? by Tom Stokes 10) Untitled by Kiwix ... Read more
1) B is for always keeping your Ball safe by Siobhan Leyne 2) If Not Now, Then When? by Omnomgreen 3) Happy New Year 2011 Fireworks From The Seattle Space Needle by Constance Brinkley 4) You Are Beautiful In Every Single Way by Tess 5) "Good Morning" by Erin Claire Goodman 6) Damn Christmas Lights! by Beth Hutter 7) quark, strangeness and charm by Peter Van... Read more
During 2010 our weekly themes really took off. We had some fantastic entries each week. Below I have listed all of the lucky winners. Well done to everyone who won and a huge thank you to everyone who entered and voted. I look forward to seeing even more amazing photos throughout 2011. What was your favourite winner of the year? Let... Read more
1) Cold Sunrise by Jennifer B. 2) A walk in the mist by Vikdaddy 3) Happy New Year 2011 Fireworks From The Seattle Space Needle by Constance Brinkley 4) Icefire by Nathalie Verbeken 5) Stark by FaerieMoon 6) 2011 Oz Style by Deb Mayne 7) Pismo Pilings by AikiUser 8) Ivy says thanks by tiffany tregenza 9) Lined up by Slava 10) blowin in the wind by Brooke K... Read more
A big well done to Nathalie who is our Christmas #1. Thanks for sharing all your pictures this year. We've seen some amazing photographs and heard some amazing stories. Looking forward to an exciting 2011. 1) Discussion by Nathalie Verbeken 2) By the river by Hilary Shearing 3) Jetty Of Dreams by Brenda Ashley 4) tis' the season by Jill Montes 5) Hippie Holidays... Read more
1) Dropside down by Nathalie Verbeken 2) Welcome - ski tracks invite you! by Leena Marjatta 3) Rising by Nathalie Verbeken 4) Crazy Hawk by Heather Craig (pixelchix) 5) Sundogs by Paula Fontanini 6) straight from the heart by robinwarner 7) Reflect by Kirsty .P 8) Spellbound by Amy Hughes 9) Seasons Greetings by Paula Fontanini 10) one tree hill by Peter Van Allen ... Read more
1) Lemonizing by Nathalie Verbeken 2) Mum by Freida 3) Twas the Night... by Amy Hughes 4) #191 Just before the sun came out... by Ingo Meckmann 5) Eskdale Snow by Graham Harcombe 6) Snow dog part two. by Margaret Tryon 7) Oh Deer... by Leah B 8) Calm in dusk by Hee 9) Poor little Ghost boy by Ronald 10) Place des Vosges #3 by Helene ... Read more
1) darling be home soon by Peter Van Allen 2) Water Crown by Ronald 3) The Needle Has Its Tree...Let The Holiday Season Begin by Constance Brinkley 4) moorings by Peter Van Allen 5) Let it snow! by Freida 6) Shiver by Freida 7) Hairy Jumping Spider by Melvin Medina 8) Untitled by Ira 9) Wastwater - sun-up by Graham Harcombe 10) Xmas lights at the clock tower... Read more
1) day 325 by Jenna Richards 2) Nidelven - the river by PhotoButton 3) If I Were Mad As A Hatter... by Amy Hughes 4) New Horizons by Slava 5) Let There Be Light by AikiUser 6) At the End of the Day by Paula Fontanini 7) syko's return by Carol Ann 8) Untitled by Marja de Jong-Peeneman 9) Room with a View by Deb Mayne 10) Trust in... Read more
1) Looking Glass by FaerieMoon 2) easy tiger by Peter Van Allen 3) Hope by Barry Mikhal 4) One Last Jump by Delia 5) Monochrome Sunset by Heather Craig (pixelchix) 6) Growl by Margaret Tryon 7) Kitchen Water by Kerri Stephens 8) Raining by andy c 9) Hello :) by Lauren Dahlhauser 10) Nature's Christmas Baubles by Helen Moss Looking... Read more