they will never leave by blueberry1222

they will never leave

Cemetery Vicksburg battlefield.

I penned a verse:

Fields of dead young men.

Squat headstones planted in the shade of magnolia blooms.

Men from Illinois and Wisconsin who have never seen a magnolia flower before, nestled in beds of magnolia petals evermore.
That's for sure. ....
March 30th, 2017  
An understated but evocative photo. I like the poem, too. For its economy and sentiment. Poetry is also a hobby of mine. If I might make a suggestion in that regard, to make the last line even more poetic, you might consider replacing the words "have been" with a comma and removing the next to last word "for". Just a thought because I enjoyed you poem so much.
March 30th, 2017  
Very interesting fine
March 30th, 2017  
A picture and poem to think about...
March 30th, 2017  
@mbrutus perfect edit, thank you!
March 30th, 2017  
A very emotional verse and picture. Does no one look after the graves? It looks like the grasses need to be cut back abit.
March 30th, 2017  
Beautiful picture
March 30th, 2017  
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