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Hello, it's been a little while. I've kind of dropped off a little and I think that's because I decreased the dose of medication (so my thoughts have been very fuzzy lately.) I did all daily tasks today so that's a good sign :)

Anyway! Today was week 2 of class and it concerned me that I was just as nervous the first time round, it felt like I would keel over on the way there. But of course everything worked out well in the end :)

It's coming up to the deadline to submit a request to not be terminated from uni (which is what I need to do). While you're waiting for a response you still have to go to classes as usual which is a little odd. I'm doing a group assignment in this class so hopefully I'm not kicked out otherwise it will be difficult for others to complete it. I'll try my best!
Something so simple as these bricks, you've made very, very interesting.

I hope you've had plenty of help and support from your Uni. I wish you well and I wish you good luck!
August 12th, 2019  
@tinley23 Thank you :)
August 13th, 2019  
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