Sogeri by bobfoto


Chapter Nineteen continues.

Life is Hectic.

Ever wonder why the action hero never goes to toilet in the movies? Except for those moments when they go to the toilet to shoot someone...

Anywho, bush slit toilets like these line the Kokoda Track, they make for an interesting conversation topic each evening when on the track asking others how their day has been. The following conversation is not unusual.

How's your bowels?

Good today, but yesterday... sheesh.

Something you ate?

Nah, prolly the water I drank, forgot my purification tabs.

That'll learn ya.

Sure will. What's for dinner?

Tuna Mornay.

Sweet. With corn?

Not sure.

You notice the flies in the shithouse?

Yeah, and the little black sweat bees eh?


Yeah, back at Nauro.

Oh yeah, nah I missed that one. Held on until I got to Menari.

That's massive.




Yeah... no sugar thanks, I'm sweet enough!


That's gold.

Thanks. You can use it.


to be continued...
YTour story is interesting but will pass on using these toilets
April 20th, 2013  
Thank for addressing the subject so thoroughly. One does wonder from time to time. I'd prolly opt for a liquid diet.
April 20th, 2013  
Interesting subject. Thanks for bringing reality to the site. ;~} What are they made of?
April 20th, 2013  
I can relate. When I was in Pakistan we all suffered from some pretty awful bugs, at times death seemed preferable. Discussions about our digestive system/toilet habits etc became quite acceptable almost polite dinner conversation topics.
Toilets and travel - the link is so strong
April 20th, 2013  
We had one of these on the farm when I was very small...I don't remember a lot from the farm, but remember being terrified that I would fall in!!!!
April 20th, 2013  
The surroundings of our dunny were no where near as lush and picturesque as this!!
April 20th, 2013  
When you gotta go... Interesting narrative.
April 20th, 2013  
so how's your bowels today? :)
April 20th, 2013  
April 20th, 2013  
Great story,very interesting toilets!! Think I'll pass,though!!
April 20th, 2013  
This is actually a very picturesque view. If we didn't know what these little houses were for we would think that they were very quaint. The vegetation is lush and colourful. Do these little houses move along every now and then?
We used to have two loos on wheels at our local pony club field. Every event the little houses would be a few yards further along the field edge, and there would be a fresh turf-topped heap behind them waiting to fill in again afterwards. Unfortunately there was a two foot gap underneath between the loos and the ground only masked by the entry steps :-)
I think health and safety would forbid it these days - if only for the sake of the cows that usually lived in the field.
I don't suppose Health and Safety has such a death grip in PNG?
April 20th, 2013  
@mgozzard @riverlandphotos @grammyn @lbmcshutter @onie @spair @houdiniem @johnnyfrs @carolmw @dandolo

The locals will dig a big deep hole; 2m deep, 2m wide x 2m wide. They will then lay big lengths of bamboo across the pit, all close together except for a slit in the centre. They will then pile soil over the top of the bamboo, leaving only the central slit exposed.

This is what you aim for.

The lengths of bamboo means that the floor feels like a springy mattress. Walking, standing and then crouching (tiger falling dragon) on the bamboo makes for a nervous experience.... small sections of soil will fall between the bamboo and splash in the mess below.

What does one hold onto that doesn't already have a spider, or a cockroach or a beetle of some kind and where does one hold their toilet paper and do you let your trousers fall enough to land on the sodden soil at your feet.

What exactly am I standing in?

Remember your purification tablets and if not, only drink boiled water.
April 20th, 2013  
Interesting image Jason! I remember dunnies like this in Africa, it's amazing how long you can cross your legs for if they're really bad!
April 20th, 2013  
@judithdeacon - I think some trekkers on the Track opt to go off bush with a spade....
April 20th, 2013  
Could use that for the sign gathering going on...the one that simply says "toilet"! I've seen worse but I prefer to see better!!
Hope you have good aim! Yikes!
April 20th, 2013  
@lynnb - there's a sign gathering?
April 21st, 2013  
Well at least there are toilets lining the track I guess. I've used a toilet or two like this in my time and it's very interesting to say the least haha. First check for snakes, then spiders, and any other creepy crawly things hold your nose and be quick real quick hahahahaha. That's my experience haha.
April 21st, 2013  
Well, the stone loos are lovely but there are much better ways to deal with the waste. Composting toilets would work very well. Then they could sell compost next to the stones piles. What do you think?
April 21st, 2013  
Cutest toilets I've ever seen.
April 21st, 2013  
It is a part of life that is rarely photographed. They look so tropical here.
April 21st, 2013  
Amazing how outhouse variations can make such interesting stories and photos. These are exceptionally interesting. I know a guy who is obsessed with taking photos of things like this, and I have some pretty funny photos of him taking those photos.
April 21st, 2013  
@turning_40 - sounds familiar!

@ptowncook - too complicated.

@kjarn - from the outside.

@swguevin - that would be the verdant green environs!

@rvwalker - sounds like fun!
April 21st, 2013  
love your toilets with a view... almost poetic !
April 21st, 2013  
Another analog to the Haitian connection. Bowels. These really are pretty on the outside. I trust the bamboo floors never break?

Sign challenge (I was thinking he same thing, @lynnb) :
April 21st, 2013  
at least they look nice - from the outside! :D
April 21st, 2013  
Tropical bogs - wow. Great pic and story
April 21st, 2013  
Well it's so much prettier than I would have expected!
On a day trip in Nevada we were given instructions that if the loo roll was hanging on the bush it meant that the potty in the clearing was free.. if the loo roll wasn't there it meant someone was using it. So you made sure you took the loo roll with you & hoped they had remembered the same... Certainly made sure you were quick, too...!
April 21st, 2013  
@cocobella - almost...

@squamloon - just checking that challenge.... and yup, sometimes they do break, often a sign to move the latrine.

@agentzuckerguss - pretty ordinary inside....

@malc - Trop Bogs... I like it!

@filsie65 - some of them were only shoulder height, so you could see the head of whomever was inside!!!
April 21st, 2013  
April 22nd, 2013  
@geocacheking - Thanks Cameron!
April 22nd, 2013  
All natural, au naturale port-a-potties.
April 22nd, 2013  
@olivetreeann - biodegradable!

April 22nd, 2013  
June 21st, 2013  
@talea - hee hee just re-read what I wrote...
June 21st, 2013  
It was classic culture shock over here. :D That moment where you stop and think and hope that you're understanding things right.
June 28th, 2013  
@talea - a common moment here.
June 28th, 2013  
Gotcha... making a mental note to ask you how your bowls are doing.... :p
June 29th, 2013  
@talea - and me cups and me saucers?
June 29th, 2013  
June 29th, 2013  
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