Rapopo Sunrise by bobfoto

Rapopo Sunrise

Chapter 64 continues.


Fell behind on my project but a big thank you to those who saw the setting sun and faved it onto the POP Pages. I do smile when I see one of my pics appear there. #:0D=

Had time to take 2 photos. Here's one of them. It had rained heavily during the early morning so I awoke to a grey day. But the water was dead calm.

Then got a phone call from a small man who I said I would go find him, so I got dressed and drove. Up up up high into the mountains and then down the other side, into the dark wet jungle and then high up again past the cocoa plantations and the banana groves and the stands of Balsa. In a field of African Tulip trees I stopped. I sent the small man a text and he appeared a few minutes after. We chatted, I gave him a piece of paper and he signed a copy for me.

Thanks were said.

The road back to town always seems quicker and I enjoyed the warm morning air. Onwards to a young lady and her brother with muscles. She delicately shook my hand and her once huge blonde afro had been tied into little plaits and held tight against her scalp. I was a little surprised, her afro is so cool. Her brother shook my hand with the strength of a man who has muscles like he. We looked each other in the eye. I gave the young lady some photos and she gave me a piece of paper.

I was ahead of schedule. I stopped for a pie.

Now I needed to find a young man, and had planned for a visit to his sister. But one of the team came to me and said what about the young man? I said do you know him? And he said Yes, he is here with me now. So I said Go, get him. Let's talk?

So we spoke for a while. And then we took him to the bank. While he was at the bank, me and another man went to the electricity shop. The security guards there wear hardhats and hi-vis hit-me-jackets. We were shuffled around from bench to bench in some kind of progression that only the guards knew the plan.

Done, we all met outside. The young man gave me some more papers. I took his photo and shook his hand, made a comment about his tattoo and we drove off.

I went into a business, picked up a fax, gave them some money and left.

I handed out doughnuts.

At the airport, a ex-wife shook my hand. She asked me about my morning meeting with the small man. Nothing to say really. She knew the story already.

I checked in and made myself comfy in the lounge. The little voice in the speaker above my head said all people going to Moresby, come and see the office now. They had cancelled the flight. TANGFU! But within 3 minutes, they had reversed the decision and we had a plane albeit one which now came with a dodgy reputation. They took off for a test flight and came back. For 2 hours we watched planes come and planes go.

We then left.

Home again.
glad you are back home again... love the ambience here
August 22nd, 2013  
Beautiful atmospheric shot.
August 22nd, 2013  
Peaceful image for a day that sounds anything but. How close is this place to home? I like it there.
August 22nd, 2013  
Very atmospheric shot
August 22nd, 2013  
It's a good thing you have all day to do all this! It's a busy life!
August 22nd, 2013  
Sounds like an exhausting day -- you underplayed it in the description but so much in such a short time and much seemed a bit tedious, unless the various meetings were with interesting people. I like your shot from the day.
August 22nd, 2013  
Wonderful morning shot, I see Tuvurvur is quiet.
August 22nd, 2013  
How was the pie? Nice quiet shot.
August 22nd, 2013  
So calming morning view:) nice to story.its nice to be home again.:D
August 22nd, 2013  
Busy , busy, busy. What a lot of activities to be packed into one day.

Beautiful morning scene. Were you standing in the water? I see ripples.
August 22nd, 2013  
Busy busy - I am surprised you had time to take your two photos!
Lovely atmospheric shot!
August 22nd, 2013  
I had pie today too !
August 23rd, 2013  
nice shot
August 23rd, 2013  
Nice blues in this one. Glad you weren't bored
August 23rd, 2013  
I like the mutedness
August 23rd, 2013  
Your chapters always make me curious...what are you doing in PNG. Great photo, think you need calm in your day
August 23rd, 2013  
Sounds like a busy day! But what a wonderful shot i totally love the atmosphere of it! :)
August 23rd, 2013  
Great muted tones. Really like this shot.
August 23rd, 2013  
A gray day. Your mysterious travels and exchanges are intriguing.
August 23rd, 2013  
A lovely tranquil and atmospheric capture!! Sounds like a hectic day,bet you were glad to get home!!
August 23rd, 2013  
@mbrunner @daisy - was serene.

@amandal - another island and depending on what plane you end up in, it can be two hours away.

@chris17 - Thanks Christine.

@maggiemae - my time in the remote areas is limited, so i try to pack it all in.

@taffy - interesting people and interesting locations. The day didn't feel rushed though.

@nataliemac - little bit of ash at times, but yes, quiet.

@vskolnik @traceyhn - PNG doesn't pride itself in the culinary department and pies are not generally great. This one was okay. Steak and Bacon.

@snowflakes86 - it is nice to be home.

@grammyn - nope, had my work boots on and was just about to jump into the car. Thought, best get a shot away, not sure when I will be able to during the day, so took a moment.

@pamknowler - I did miss out on meeting others.

@brav - Cheers.

@swilde - never bored over here. Too much to see, do and hear.

@houdiniem - yeah the colours were like the water.

@andreajoy - just running around doing stuff. ;)

@agentzuckerguss - it looks coolish, but it was still 30ÂșC so a nice warm start to the day.

@fauxtography365 - Thanks Ms T :)

@rvwalker - this is a country of intrigue. Even people who know what I do get surprised at how I have to go about it.

@carolmw - I was, it was a long 48 hours.
August 23rd, 2013  
Lovely peaceful shot, rather busy day though
August 31st, 2013  
@kjarn - need peace sometimes.
August 31st, 2013  
What a deceptively calm shot for such a busy day - your work sounds fascinating just as well you like people and places :)
September 8th, 2013  
@filsie65 - indeed.
September 8th, 2013  
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