Elly from Namatanai by bobfoto

Elly from Namatanai

Met this chap over at old Rabaul Town, his two dogs were fighting some local pack and he was trying to fend the other dogs away. We chatted and he told me he was from Namatanai over on New Ireland and he asked if I had been there and I said only over to Kavieng and he told me that I really should get to Namatanai, he said it was the greatest place, you could get everything over there and he meant Everything.

He made some pelvic thrusting motions and said Everything. "Even push-push?" said one of my friends and lapun Elly here cried out "Planti pus-pus" and then he left cackling and calling out to his dogs...

Photo taken the other day in Rabaul, ENBP.
Sounds like a sexy moment.
August 15th, 2014  
What a crazy juxtaposition of names- New Ireland and Namatanai.
August 16th, 2014  
Neat portrait
August 16th, 2014  
Yet another super portrait shot
August 16th, 2014  
Your portraits are always of such interesting people and so well done. This is no exception.
August 16th, 2014  
You've captured a face that seems to say he's got tories to tell.
August 16th, 2014  
@snackmaster - just wish I had some Sexy Man Soap... jeez I've gotta find that guy again.

@olivetreeann - Rabaul is on New Britain. There's even a New Hanover.

@swilde - Thanks.

@rach_who - Thanks Rach.

@taffy - Thank you Taffy :)

@jyokota - I think you are right.
August 16th, 2014  
ha - there I was thinking what character in that face! Wasn't wrong. Where there's life..................................!
August 16th, 2014  
@filsie65 - he was gold!
August 16th, 2014  
You can see the mischief in his face before reading the story, lol. What a great face he has.
August 16th, 2014  
@bella_ss - Ruddy?
August 16th, 2014  
That beard is a great contrast to the rest of his face. Good one!
August 23rd, 2014  
@rvwalker - a fine beard indeed.
August 30th, 2014  
Cool hair!
November 15th, 2014  
@kjarn - great head of hair.
November 15th, 2014  
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