Tolai Sing-sing by bobfoto

Tolai Sing-sing

The tension relaxed a little when some kids and then these young men started dancing and singing.


Photo taken last week in Rabaul.
ooo where's the feather from in their hair?
September 20th, 2014  
@houdiniem - chicken.
September 20th, 2014  
Where u afraid u were going to be run out of the villiage or....
September 20th, 2014  
Ah! This is super
September 20th, 2014  
@creativeaddict - no?

@swilde - Much easier to watch.
September 20th, 2014  
What beautiful leaf collars and halo hats!
September 21st, 2014  
@grammyn - they know their bilas these guys!
September 22nd, 2014  
Good capture
September 23rd, 2014  
@chris17 - Thanks.
September 24th, 2014  
Great collars and love the little feather
November 15th, 2014  
@kjarn - not sure what the yellow headband is made of.
November 15th, 2014  
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