Timber! by bournesnapper


Cross-section from managed woodland
That’s an incredible viewpoint! It provides a whole new way of looking at a felled tree. Zoomed in, it’s quite amazing. A pretty porous centre; and I love the concentric circles radiating outwards, in all their forms and colours. That crack makes me feel sympathy for the tree. Very interesting photograph.
March 13th, 2023  
Ha ha A quick look at the thumbnail did make me think it was a fried egg!

Andreas, thank you for the challenge you gave me. I just finished looking back through the photos you’ve posted so far. You have an amazing, artist’s eye. It’s hard to know what would actually be a challenge for you. I see you have your dog. How about making an abstract of him/her in whatever method you choose—closeup, far away, ICM…whatever you like. How does that sound?
March 13th, 2023  
@cocokinetic Thank you, Karen. Potter, the dog, found it on our walk this morning. She has a very good nose!
March 13th, 2023  
@mcsiegle You're very kind, Mary. Potter and I have been thinking about the challenge, thank you, and we have an idea.
March 13th, 2023  
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