Warming soup by boxplayer

Warming soup

Some comforting soup this evening - Covent Garden Soup Company carton embellished with extra spinach and cavolo nero and some butter beans. Always a good standby - one's dinner when one hasn't managed to take any pics.

Worked from home today as the boiler man was coming to look at our creaking boiler. No surprise, he said it would be a waste to spend any money on it and gave us a quote for a new installation. The last guy we'd got to look at it had ummed and aahed and said it was the cheap kind of boiler you get in rented properties and had then run a mile when we asked him to see if he could the replacement part it needed.

Anyway, the quote wasn't unreasonable and Dave was OK with it. So they're coming to install on Friday.

Stopped work at 1-ish to have a healthy bowl of tuna and chickpea salad and a yogurt. Then ended up working till gone 7 cosied up in the sitting room with the electric heater. Dave popped out to his guitar class and I heated up the soup for when he got back.

B is for broken boiler http://365project.org/boxplayer/365/2016-01-25

25 January 2016
Walthamstow E17
If you're fixing dinner, I'd be happy to sit down and break bread with you any day! Delicious-looking!
January 25th, 2016  
this looks delicious
January 26th, 2016  
Looks fantastic - and our boilers packed up too
January 30th, 2016  
@dorsethelen We've got a new one now thank goodness so all toasty again. Hope yours is sorted now or soon, no fun in the winter even if mild.
January 31st, 2016  
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