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Very down this morning with the day's referendum and waiting for the results coming. And we hadn't slept well because of the thunderstorms and heat through the night.

Couldn't get myself moving quickly enough though Dave sorted me out with breakfast as usual when he's off. We then walked to the polling station in the murky weather and cast our votes - to Remain as per the picture - I was in tears picking up my voting slip - how had it come to this?

Then Dave returned home to sort out the camping gear, do a bit of shopping and pick up the veg bag from college - and I trotted hurriedly to Blackhorse Road, texting Monica to say I might be running late as we had a 10am meeting. Picked up this sticker from a man at the station entrance.

As it turned out, I managed to get in in good time and have the meeting. Popped outside quickly to get my hair cut at lunchtime - in need of a good tidy-up - then it was an intro to internal comms course in the afternoon. Stayed on afterwards to do a bit of stuff and put the out of office on.

Weather ghastly and terrible flooding all over London - really affecting the trains - many people worried they wouldn't get back in time to vote.

I got the tube to Blackhorse Road, then picked up fish and chips from the chippie there. Got home and made up the cocktail that goes with our next film from Gone with the Gin - a Sex on the Waterfront. The film was good but I found myself nodding off and missed most of it.

Staggered up to bed after that, in no mood to watch the results come in.

M is for monochrome

23 June 2016
Pimlico SW1
June 23rd, 2016  
I agree! BUT It's a sad and depressing day today 😒😒
June 24th, 2016  
So much sympathy - i also voted Remain yesterday and am heartbroken today (and my parents house in south london was flooded too!) Hope you slept well at least!
June 24th, 2016  
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