A selection of gins by boxplayer

A selection of gins

I got well and truly sozzled with this lot - Monkey 47 and marmalade gin. Quite last minute, we decided to take up the Monkey 47 to Anna's - it went down a treat.

Was up early to finish packing and get out of the house early. I was fretting a bit (surely not) with the flush problem with J due back on New Year's Day and us not being there, but left him lots of notes about what to do and tried to stop 'catastrophising' - that's a thing apparently - and I do it a lot.

Managed to leave about 10.45 and with a short stop we were in Nottingham just before 2. Anna had just arrived and was looking frazzled, still trying to unload her stuff before Tesco arrived.

We dumped our stuff in with hers and with a mission to hunt down some extra quails' eggs we walked into Beeston for a bit of a mooch. Nice relaxing afternoon apart from the brief episode where we thought we were going to have to talk Sophie through how to pump up her tyres at the service station.

She'd got quite upset when her tyre pressure warning light had come on and was a bit foxed by what to do at the service station but apparently some helpful chap gave her a hand.

Got back to find the HMs and Sophie all just arrived - Sophie was in need of solace, so I got the Monkey 47 out almost straightaway and we enjoyed fairly early nibbles and a lot of gin.

Anna did aubergine parmigiana for dinner. Having had a lot of gin I didn't last much longer after that and got myself up to bed.

30 December 2017
Beeston, Nottingham
Marmalade gin sound interesting.
January 3rd, 2018  
Theres that gin again :)
January 4th, 2018  
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