Boldwood by boxplayer


Playing for the ceilidh on the Friday evening of the Sandlings Sessions in Snape.

Groundhog day today - if it comes out and sees its shadow - winter's here for a while longer, if it doesn't see it's shadow, then winter's over. Didn't realise that it's actually a European tradition brought over with settlers:

"If Candlemas Day be fair and bright,
Winter will have another flight;
But if it be dark with clouds and rain,
Winter is gone, and will not come again."

Up early with Dave and we packed the car with our stuff then he drove off to work. I put more bread on then worked from home till 2. Foxy came to the back door and stood there looking in very cutely. Dave's been naughtily giving it some food, so it was trying its luck. Finally it went to sleep in the lavender and then another foxy came in to the garden, so there are still 2 of the original cubs.

Jennie who'd had a tumble on the ice on Tuesday was back at work, albeit from home, but wasn't feeling up to much, so had to get poor Alex to do the inbox, reluctant as he was as he had quite a bit on.

Grabbed a quick lunch of mozzarella salad and made a sandwich for journey. Logged off and tidied up and locked up doors before heading off to meet Dave at Turkey street.

Drove to Snape via the A12 - this very busy around Chelmsford with queues of slow traffic but got to Snape by 6.30ish. A little bit of crabbiness ensued as we couldn't find our way in to the flats.

The flat had very similar decor to last year's including the huge clock. A and R were already there - R had cooked up an enormous tuna pasta which was good of him.

The dance with Boldwood - in the Hoffmann Building just literally a minute away from the flat -
was very good. The band were excellent and we danced interesting English traditional dances called by Dave Shepherd.

There were enough people there but not too busy so lots of space to dance. The Grenoside processional worked really well. No knee problems but my hip was rather stiff and achy.
H arrived much later.

Dave was very tired after and went off as we waited for A. We got home and she practised her tunes for her workshop and drove Dave to bed early. A few nibbles and then R and H joined us.


2 February 2018
Snape, Suffolk
@moviegal1 thanks for the fave!
March 4th, 2018  
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