Frigg by boxplayer


Finnish band Frigg pose for a piccie with me after their concert this evening at Kings Place.

My mum still had a bit of an irritating cough so decided she wouldn't come with us this evening in case she had the mother of all coughing fits. Grace fancied coming along though, so ticket didn't go to waste.

Did a bit of cardio after work first then travelled up to Kings Place meeting Terry and Sally on the comfy chairs upstairs, Grace arriving not long after then Dave. I grabbed a salmon bagel and brownie for a quick supper before we went downstairs for the concert.

Excellent evening of wild Finnish tunes - fast, furious, and very technically accomplished - sounded almost like bluegrass at times with multiple fiddles, a big double bass, mandolin and guitar. Their guitarist was a real show-off cavorting all over the stage and getting particularly excited during their number inspired by AC/DC.

Bought their new CD and a bag and got myself a pic.

1 June 2018
King's Cross N1
Frigg - love that name
June 10th, 2018  
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