Whirling dancers by boxplayer

Whirling dancers

At the On Bouge bal with Anna and Ravi this evening.

Met Faye and Kate for lunch at Itsu which was very pleasant. Cardio session after work then popped back up to my desk to check emails before leaving for the weekend.

So was running late to meet Lara at Primrose Hill. But at Pimlico once on the tube I realised I didn't have my tablet in my handbag nor my work phone. I must have left them on my desk.

I tried to Whatsapp my boss but getting no response, rushed up through the crowds to street level and tried phoning her three times as well as Rob. Still no reply, so had to start walking back to work. Eventually my boss did get back to me and had confirmed she'd found my devices and locked them away in a cupboard.

So was very late getting to Lemonia to meet Lara and Raffy. Great meal it was, though very busy with locals so a bit slow. Halloumi, fish skewers with rice and red wine plus some complimentary Turkish delight.

Then on to On Bouge - still quiet but Dave and Francesco were already there. Gradually though it got a bit busier and so there was a respectable amount of people there. Dave's other colleague Daniel and his wife Becky also turned up and had a go at doing some of the dances. Did a very entertaining gavotte de l'Aven with them all.

Ravi and Anna were excellent - really good dynamic. Some nice strawberry cake and Pimms available too. Drove back, giving a lift to Francesco who lives in Tottenham Hale.

Ravi and Anna https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2018-06-08

8 June 2018
Primrose Hill NW1
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