Rock Rose by boxplayer

Rock Rose

A nice new gin, Scottish, a present from Dave's colleague Francesco.

Cardio session at lunchtime and left early - trying to make up for all the recent late evenings. Still very hot.

Got home and hoovered and cleaned and got the bed linen out ready for weekend visitors. Dave had gone off shopping after work and came back with Francesco, ostensibly just for a quick drink, but we ended up having a big gin session in the garden. Fish and chips went out the window and we just ate nibbles.

My niece M was due that evening but her plane, already a late one due to leave gone 9, ended up being massively delayed and not leaving Dublin till 12.30. So of course I worried much of night till she finally came home gone 3am.

Turns out she'd managed to get the coach to Stratford where her phone had died. She'd gone into one of those modern office blocks with 24-hour security and asked the man if she could charge it. He'd initially said no but once she said she was stranded, he called her a cab.

Red tops and socks

29 June 2018
Walthamstow E17.
Lovely colours on that table
July 6th, 2018  
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