Vent de Galarne by boxplayer

Vent de Galarne

During the Sunday evening bal at the Fete des Chavans at Embraud. Gorgeous songs and tunes for dancing.

Had an early swim again in the hotel pool then grabbed my melodeon and hurried out to catch Anna just leaving leaving Dave still washing. Did a bit more very quick supermarket shopping for a lunchtime picnic and I ate my shrink-wrapped croissant on the move.

Walked up to the church to join the musicians for the Sunday parade around town. A real high point of this weekend, stopping at local hostelries where we played tunes and Les Chavans sang drinking songs. The patrons would then give us lots of wine. What's not to like - even if it was before the yard arm. I think I managed to drink about 3 glasses, trying not to go mad.

One of the stops was at the house of a nonagenarian - the house or he had something to do with boats or sailors on the river I think. In any case there was food also on offer, so we stopped here for a while.

The parade went on a long time and it was very hot - the parade ended up at the Maison de la Batellerie courtyard where we all desperately hugged the walls, looking for shade.

Back to the hotel after with not much of a turnaround time. I had to wait 15 minutes for the patron to ask him to arrange a taxi for us tomorrow - busy with lunch, he wrote it down on his list.

Went back and packed bags then had time for a quick swim before meeting Anna at the car. Although Dave and I managed to have a quick row in the time between leaving the hotel room and getting to the car - I was trying to chivvy him out as we were going to be late and he was fussing about what was in the drawer and whether we'd got all Sophie's presents.

Drove up to the site - much hotter today so we found a table that was definitely in the shade for our picnic, wine and Sophie's presents. Went off and browsed the CDs coming back with a few then looked at the old photo albums of previous festivals.

Spent the afternoon in a shady chair watching the concert with the Bretons and costumed Chavans doing their dance numbers from yesterday's spectacle. Dave got under his tree again and was joined at one point by Anna, practising for her interval spot during the evening bal.

Dave, Lesley and I chilled out on one of the tables by the stage while the bal started up. But we all got up and got excited when Anna played her interval spot with 4 numbers. Even more excitingly, Manu Paris from Les Chavans joined her with his cornet on Rose of Raby.

Vent de Galarne were on after and we danced some more to lots of old favourite tunes, but Dave, Sophie and I decided to walk back after this. A 40-minute stroll through the very atmospheric moonlit night with wispy clouds - rather spooky going past the graveyard, the monuments and crosses looming down at us as we walked.

Large moustachios

29 July 2018
Embraud, France
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