Tondo by boxplayer


French and Belgian Euro music supergroup featuring Gilles Chabenat, Maarten Decombel and Fred Pouget. At this evening's On Bouge.

Really frosty again and possibly even colder in the bright sunlight. But didn't get to walk through the parks as I was too busy finishing my book.

Quiet at work with a few people working from home. Lost my lunch date because unfortunately Kate had to go home as her dog was very ill and pooing all over the house.

So went to Papa Bruno's with Emily for a smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with toast lunch treat. Haircut after.

Did a cardio session on the cross trainer and treadmill then had to hang around as Dave was running late having brought Francesco and Daniel home with him.

Once he'd texted, I left and grabbed a salmon sandwich from Pret en route to meeting him at Hampstead. We walked up the hill to the venue. House band, then Tondo, Gilles Chabenat's band with Ravi and Anna playing a spot in the middle.

Lots of people there including C and S, Anna and Ravi of course, L and P and Elena and her fried Louise. Sound was initially a bit muffled but seemed to improve. Some noodly bits but generally lots of good stuff including lots of great chestnuts from Tondo - many of Gilles' greatest hits.

A lovely evening even though after the gym session my legs were exhausted and the knees playing up. Made our way back to Walthamstow after that on crowded tubes with Elena's friend who lives round the corner from us very coincidentally.

Die of Shame

15 February 2019
Hampstead NW3
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