Mawkin's farewell tour by boxplayer

Mawkin's farewell tour

We've followed the boy (now man) band Mawkin since they were knee high to a etc etc. And now they're going their separate ways. Rumours of some kind of rift between the Delarre brothers - that would be unfortunate.

No real sign of the homely sounding storm Gareth today, and even a bit of sun although there was a chilly wind. Was up early doing a wash, wrapping up Ella's birthday present, getting an early breakfast in and some melodeon practice.

Headed out to Covent Garden. Found some vaguely dressy but ever so comfortable shoes in Ecco for the Irish wedding. But then it went downhill when I threw a hissy fit in Pylones.

Found a nice present possibility for Anna in there but when I went to pay I noticed the sign that said 'pay upstairs'. So I trooped upstairs only to be told I couldn't pay by card upstairs and that I'd have to pay downstairs. So trooped down again to be told by the man standing by the sign saying 'pay upstairs' that Ihis till was closed. I ranted a lot.

MIldly uphill again when I managed to find a very nice pair of Goretex waterproof trousers in Cotswold Outdoor but decided against buying any walking poles until I'd measured my current (malfunctioning) pair.

Went into the post office tucked into Robert Dyas on the Strand to send Ella her parcel and on from there to Charing Cross to get the tube home. A quick lunch of mozzarella salad, followed by a bit of Spanish practice and more melodeon,

Being very well organised today, then trundled along with my shopping trolley to Sainsbury's for a big shop. Back home, cooked up some roast veg and halloumi peppers and relaxed in bed, even dozed for a bit.

Walked to the folk club to catch Mawkin on their farewell tour. Ciaran Algar was standing in for James Delarre and was very good. All are excellent musicians in fact including the bass player and drummer. They played lots of old favourites and the show was sold out. Finished earlyish luckily so we were home for tea, chocolate and cheese at a fairly good hour.

Latest in the Brexti fiasco, they have voted to reject any no-deal scenario. Well as long as we get a choice. Knee still playing up.

13 March 2019
Walthamstow E17
I can just picture you walking up and down the stairs and getting angrier each time
March 18th, 2019  
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