Topette hot sauce by boxplayer

Topette hot sauce

Made specially for top Euro folk band Topette.

Massively Irritated by the smarter working touchdown rota today - and got quite tetchy. But a quiet day again which I could get used to. Severe haircut at lunchtime - very short - well I haven't managed to get to them for a while.

Cardio session after work - a new routine with bicycle intervals rather than cross-trainer. So was exhausted and knees were grumbly after. Headed off to St Pancras to meet Dave, and I grabbed a mozza, avo and tomato baguette with some sea salt chocolate. Went down to the Thameslink platform for the train to Gatwick and the wild south.

Got off at Norwood Junction, all rather scruffy
here, for the short walk to Stanley Halls named after some local worthy philanthropist. A beautiful building, and a lovely dance hall with a superb dancing floor - springy and slidey.

Lots of people there, Lucy from work, the guy from my old melodeon class, R and R, Alastair (fresh from the European music workshop weekend), Joanne, Jessica, P and L and also K and C who we haven't seen in a while.

Topette were wonderful, trying out a few new things from their forthcoming album - all sounded good. Bought their special chilli sauce in the break. Danced a fair bit but didn't go mad.

Left at 11 to get the London Bridge train but decided to get the overground to Highbury and Islington as the other train was delayed and it was rather on the cold side.

Absolutely exhausted, I fell asleep on the train. Victoria line was busy as per normal at that time of night. A cool rain when we finally got out in Walthamstow.

Dancing to Topette

26 April 2019
South Norwood SE25
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