Injury by boxplayer


My almost-sliced-off thumb.

A bit of a thick head and headache after yesterday's row. Had a bit of toast and a hot cross bun for breakfast then stayed in bed for a while to try and get rid of the headache.

Got up to make us a hearty leek and cauliflower soup but ended up cutting my thumb very badly. Almost thought I'd sliced through the tip but it was only a sliver really and a cut through the nail - so uncomfortable but I'll live. I had to wrap it up and hold it up for half an hour to stop the bleeding. This did the trick eventually.

Mum called to say she was having trouble connecting her new laptop to the wifi, which was a little bit of a nuisance as I couldn't think when I could get over there to help. But she worked it out eventually which was good news.

Asparagus and parmesan shaving as a late lunch. Then a bit of photo upload marathon session.

6 May 2019
Walthamstow E17
Hope it heals quickly.
May 6th, 2019  
Stressed so you weren’t thinking what you were doing properly....a quiet day today & a hug & a kiss for the injured one sounds good!
May 6th, 2019  
Ouch! I hope it heals quickly
May 6th, 2019  
Ouch! Hope it’s ok now
May 8th, 2019  
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