Dry stone wall by boxplayer

Dry stone wall

From the train window on the stopping train from Skipton to Garsdale.

Had the Premier Inn breakfast - was OK but nothing special. Still very damp and cold. Walked to the station for a morning of transport shenanigans.

The train to Leeds was fine but the first part of the next stretch had been cancelled so I needed to get a train to Skipton to change trains again. The Leeds train was totally mobbed and none of the toilets was working - and I became increasingly desperate for the loo as the train waited for seemingly ages outside the station.

But luckily I had a good 20 minute wait for my connection to Skipton so was able to go to the loo in the station. The ticket inspector and the announcer kept assuring us that the Carlisle train would be waiting for us at Skipton on the opposite platform.

But no sign of it there and it ended up being seriously delayed. Didn't leave till 35 mins past the scheduled departure time. But it was nice and quiet and as we neared Garsdale, the views were wonderful, especially through Ribblesdale. But as we were late, I was going to miss my connection with the Little White Bus to Hawes.

I phoned them and they said it would be coming back for the 12 noon train so I'd have to wait but not for too long. Got off at Garsdale - just me and one other bloke - a tiny little olde worlde station with old fashioned wooden buildings, a waiting room and signal box. The sun kept popping in and out and there were lovely views of the surrounding hills. Bird song everywhere and almost no other sounds bar the odd plane.

There was a statue of a dog on the platform - turned out to be the sad tale of Ruswarp (pronounced Russup) who had gone for a walk with his master. The master, a stalwart of the campaign to keep open the Settle to Carlisle line, had died on the walk - his body wasn't discovered till weeks later, but Ruswarp had never left his side. The dog survived.

The bus came as expected, but turned out it had to wait for the 12.23 to come in, so a bit more waiting to be done. Used the loo and then waited in the bus chatting to the driver. The couple we were waiting for got off the train and turned out I knew the guy from London sessions - they were also going to the Melodeons in Wensleydale event.

The journey to Hawes was along very windy roads and we were finally dropped off at the market place. Then more fun as the B&B was all locked up and every time I dialled the number, I got told that the mobile number was temporarily unavailable.

So went for lunch next door in the Bay Tree, a very nice ploughman's with 3 cheeses and salad, fruit and bread. The landlady finally answered the phone after lunch so was able to check in and meet Nina and her friendly dog William. A nice cosy room but still cool so was glad of the heater in the room.

Out to the early session in the Fountain just a couple of doors down. This was OK and gradually more people arrived, including Andy from Liverpool. Had time to go back to the B&B to relax. Bought a bit of wensleydale and marmalade quiche from the Spar with some millionaire shortbread and raspberries to eat in my room. Turned out the dog, William, had a thing for raspberries, so I gave him some.

Walked the short distance to the museum to register and for the Friday session. Played here till 10 then went on to the late session i the Fountain. Was glad some familiar faces had also turned up - 4 people from the melodeon classes - Steve, Jim, Derek and Helen.

Remained cold all day.

Garsdale station https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-05-10

10 May 2019
Somewhere in North Yorkshire
That’s an amazing stone wall
May 25th, 2019  
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