Gayle Beck, Hawes by boxplayer

Gayle Beck, Hawes

A lovely view on our walk back from Hardraw Force.

Very tired and managed to sleep through my alarm for quite a while. Breakfast with 2 veggie sausages this time. The landlady had sat all of us musicians together.

Then walked back to the museum - a nice little route this with beautiful gardens, one with lots of planted flower pots and one all wild and uncultivated. Tons of sparrows. Kept passing one garden where the kids would be variously playing in the front or all sleeping outside on towels and blankets or eating at the little wooden table. Very cute.

More Toon van Mierlo workshops including a whole suite of useful exercises. Plus worked on an arrangement of a traditional Flemish tune L'Ordre Theresien. Was very adventurous and me and Helen started off the piece with a solo of the melody over bass drones from the rest of the group. A lovely morning with blackbirds and other songsters singing through the open fire exit door.

Had lunch at the Folly next to the B&B with all the C# lot sitting outside in the sunshine. Talked about melodeons, dogs, Brexit and more. Cheese sandwich with chips (seems to be a bit of a pattern) and a pickled egg for me.

Afternoon ended with the showcase and session and I managed to get through our piece with hardly any mistakes and remembered the whole arrangement - a triumph by my standards.

A lot of goodbyes then, but a few of us had opted to stay over. Helen had planned to walk the 3.5 miles to Hardraw Force and back so I decided to join her, even though I had only my thin fabric trainers, no fleece or any other useful walking stuff. One of the guys who'd been in the B&B with me, Pete, lent me his pole even though we had no idea how I might get it back to him.

Derek and Fiona nd their dog Tressa also joined me and Helen. Hardraw Force is a beautiful waterfall in a huge rock canyon setting. All gorgeous in the fabulous evening light. Lots of sheep around, cute horned ones, black faced ones, all with rather comedy bleating.

The views were amazing up to the surrounding hills and ridges, with dry stone walls snaking away, streams and picturesque bridges. Just one steep climb and down again the other side. I managed to spot a red squirrel which was highly exciting.

Back for scampi and chips with garlic mushrooms and a Wensleydale cheese board in the Fountain. Some confusion ensued over whether we could have the session or not but it eventually started about 8.45 and went on till 10. Much nicer than previous ones, with fewer people. And managed to find someone to return Pete's pole to.

At the B&B I was in a different room as I'd booked the Sunday night after the original booking - OK but no ensuite. Back to rearrange my packing to fit in all the extra beer and presents I'd bought.

Hardraw Force

12 May 2019
Hawes, North Yorkshire
That’s a beautiful scene, lovely light
May 25th, 2019  
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