Two foxes in the garden by boxplayer

Two foxes in the garden

Can you spot them both?

Decided to work from home on the spur of the moment so had to cancel a couple of meetings and my Pilates session. Both of the foxies were hanging out most of the day and sunbathing or dozing in the garden. They tend to alternate between sitting in the full sun and getting into the shady shrubbery.

Quite a few sunny intervals but very breezy. Spent the day mainly catching up with emails. Had the sausage casserole for lunch with an episode of Mum. Had a bath, finished packing, then headed out to see Molsky's Mountain Drifters with dave and colleague F.

Got ourselves a delicious halloumi wrap from the Greek Street food stall outside and a bit of salted corn from the bar - though me and Dave both spat out the horrible wasabi nuts. A red wine got the taste out of my mouth.

Lots of folk club people there and a few others like I recognised. An excellent set - a mix of old timey songs and tunes on fiddle, banjo, and guitar, a great version of Billy Bragg's Between the Wars and some Rev Gary Davis
thrown in for good measure. Drove back for tea and chocolate.

30 May 2019
Walthamstow E17
Oh yes, there they are! Great shot but a bit worrying for you having them in your garden
June 9th, 2019  
Well if THAT isn't about the best!!! Don't you just know I'd about die of happiness at seeing such a sight!
June 9th, 2019  
8 can but only saw one to start with...they must know they are safe in your garden & it looks sunny & sheltered. I recognised your garden immediately of course! Hoe it’s come on from when you first moved long..five years about?
June 9th, 2019  
@busylady We rub along OK with them - we had their mother in the garden a couple of years ago - she had 3 cubs - these are the 2 that survived. They can be a bit of a nuisance occasionally but it's worth it to see wildlife so close up.
June 9th, 2019  
@Weezilou - They are 2 siblings, we had their mother in the garden for a while a couple of years ago. They can be a bit of a nuisance, but worth it for seeing wildlife so close - see:

And this was their mother:
June 9th, 2019  
@happypat Coming up for 6 years in August! All Dave's work - I love having a garden and pretty plants, but have never been fussed about getting all green-fingered about it. He's done wonders - this was the garden when we moved in. I remember being so depressed about it:

Just a half-broken concrete path in between 2 mounds of earth overgrown with weeds and not a single proper plant. A broken platform of concrete at the back where a shed had once bin and a broken fence all around.

He put gravel over the broken path, dug up all the weeds and planted stuff and of course we got the shed and replaced the fencing.
June 9th, 2019  
I remember it well was so interesting to hear all about your move & the picking of the house....can’t believe I told you not to let the cat in...don’t remember you being a cat person! Good that we are still in touch, you can follow our big move! 😀. Dave has done too of course!
June 9th, 2019  
Saw the two, they are cute.
June 9th, 2019  
I can understand why they enjoy coming into your garden, it's a lovely garden.
June 10th, 2019  
June 10th, 2019  
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