Egret and tern fishing by boxplayer

Egret and tern fishing

Not the greatest of pics but they were a bit far away. But a joy to see this egret and tern perching on the railings and diving down to catch little fishes at Walthamstow Wetlands.

The swifts were wheeling round the house, at eye level from the upstairs window as I leaned out - stunning. A very warm sunny day. Cycled to Pilates, focusing on stamina today.

Back for a quick brunch outside of toast and leftovers. Dave had gone - working today on a private job - he didn't get back till gone 6, a hot day for it.

K and co started their monster day of shopping by finding their way to Hobbycraft and Decathlon on the North Circular. I cycled off to the wetlands for a bit of exercise. Saw the egret and tern in the northern half of the wetlands where I don't normally go.

Cycled round to the top and down again, crossing the road and going into the southern half - where I cycled past lots of incongruously dressed (for the wetlands) wedding guests. Nice place to tie the knot.

Out the bottom and up Coppermill Lane to the International Supermarket for a fruit top-up. Then it was onto Argos to pick up my camera and the printer that had come with it as part of a deal - hoping the printer wouldn't be in too big a box. Surely they're all much smaller now.

Well the box was indeed very big. There was no way the bungee would stretch round it to secure it to the bike rack. I tried to cobble together something longer using the bungee, my bumbag and my bike chain and it did stretch round. But as soon as I tried to move, the box dislodged itself and almost fell off.

So basically had to wheel the bicycle back holding the box onto the rack - which was harder than it seemed as I had to stretch my arm back in a rather unnatural position in order to hold the box on and steer the bike forward.

K and co arrived back not long after I got back. K, P and E went off on the second leg of their marathon shopping trip - heading into town and Oxford Street's Primark. M decided to stayed behind with me and amused herself very well by making slime, looking for snails and ladybugs (as she called them - their English teacher is American I believe) and other random treasure from the garden.

I read in the garden for a bit and did my Spanish practice before starting to prepare the evening meal before the others got back. Roasted vegetables and salad, plus various smoked fish - salmon, mackerel, herring.

We ate with a bottle of prosecco which went down a treat and chatted with the door wide open until it got dark, keeping the lights off to try and stop the midges flying in.

22 June 2019
Tottenham N17
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