Strawberry cake by boxplayer

Strawberry cake

K made this rather yummy strawberry cake today - basically a bit of sponge and lots of cream and strawberries.

K and co went off this morning on what seemed like several buses to visit my mum's new flat - I think they missed the odd bus, then got on the wrong one and so it took a while to get there.

Then they had a mare of journey back with my mum - including an accident stopping the W5s running so they had to walk to Archway then they all got on the 123 going the wrong way. They ended up not getting back till 4.

Meanwhile I cycled to the farmers' market and as the Herbal Haven people were there got some borage, mint and camomile before picking up fruit, cream and extra salmon.from Sainsbury's.

Cycled back to prepare the roast sweet potatoes and salmon in foil parcels and a bit of guacamole as it had gone down so well on Friday.

My sister arrived and we chatted and tried out the new French gin G'vine that K had brought me as a present. Then waited for quite a while for the others to return from their mammoth bus journey.

They eventually arrived and we chilled out with nibbles and Aperol spritz before the salmon, broccoli and sweet potatoes came out. Opened the bargain champagne I'd picked up in Sainsbury's and then chatted for ages with the doors wide open. The swifts were wheeling excitedly again but not much fox evidence, sadly for the girls.

K finished putting the cake together and it was very delicious with a nice cup of tea. Me and my sister then tried to work out Uber neither of us having used it before and we really didn't understand it - we clicked something or other and then couldn't work out if we'd booked it or not.

As the time started going down we presumed we had and then before we knew it, the cab driver was here to take my mum and sister back. K and co got showering and getting lunches ready for an early start tomorrow.

Feet and coloured paving

23 June 2019
Walthamstow E17
Great family resemblance! Happy smiling faves!
June 26th, 2019  
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