Session by the croquet lawn by boxplayer

Session by the croquet lawn

Yes there is a croquet lawn at Halsway Manor.

Woke up early with the morning light creeping through a crack in the curtains and a bit of a headache. Very dehydrated, and had downed 3 red wines yesterday, which is a lot for me. Worse, my Anadin Extra was in my melodeon case downstairs in the bar.

Took a bit of normal Anadin I found in my washbag and then slept some more till 7.30 when I'd said I'd phone Dave. A quite good shower sort of woke me up a bit, but no time and no energy to walk up the big hill before breakfast.

Sat downstairs in the hall, or the wifi zone as we knew it, and did my Spanish and a bit of reading. Breakfast was the normal buffet: prunes, grapefruit, hash browns, veggie sausage, egg and toast.

Read a bit more outside - a somewhat milder day but still hot in the sunshine. Not so hot as i in the south east though where I think it was roasting.

The morning was taken up with 2 workshops with Rob and Sam - learning 3 tunes, the Winder Hornpipe, Albiona (which drove me mad as I couldn't place where I knew it from), and the Queen's March.

My favourite lunch followed - the ploughman's buffet with excellent vegetarian sausage rolls, eggs, cheese, bread rolls and salad. Ate far too much, including two rolls with cheese.

Spent the afternoon 'getting tunes off the page' with Sam. Chose something called Knives and Forks - which I realised quite a way in to playing was a version of Rusty Gully with the A and B parts reversed. Worked on trying out a bass sequence.

Was brave and demonstrated my tune near the beginning otherwise felt I wouldn't do it. Dinner was salmon in hollandaise sauce - a Halsway favourite - and cheese and crackers.

Outside afterwards, it felt very much cooler. Bit of a session started up, but I decided to go in and sit near the door so I could be first in and get front row seats. So had a great view of a wonderful acoustic set - including Ricer 2, Rain on the Woodpile/Terminus, 2 Nights at Chieveley/Henry Blogg, and lots of other great tunes including from the new CD.

Session after was a bit better with no banging or interruptions. Really hot in London - Dave popped round to the neighbours' for a barbecue, then slept outside on the camp bed. The foxes were a touch surprised when they turned up in the early morning.


29 June 2019
Crowcombe, Somerset
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