Maypole on the lawn by boxplayer

Maypole on the lawn

Some slightly stormy looking clouds today.

After yesterday's session where I retired at 2ish but didn't put my head down till 2.45, I only got 5 hours' sleep. So was shattered again, and no walk up the hill today either - looks like I'd brought my walking pole for no reason.

Phoned Dave then showered and packed before breakfast. Egg and vegetarian sausage again, along with mushrooms and a rather horrid onion fritter thing. Plus my favourite prunes and grapefruit.

Had another intro session to start with - going over what we were going to do in small groups, and how to think about ways to approach the session. We split into small groups and I went with Alastair, Jane the guitarist, 2 fiddlers who I'd worked with last year, a very quiet concertina player and another box player.

After a fairly short while we decided on the Playford tune Jamaica (also now known as the theme tune to Upstart Crow) - as it was a tune most of us knew so only needed a short time to learn it. Then we played it through a few times trying to really work together.

Lunch of vegetable tart, rather oddly presented in a blind-baked case along with roast potatoes and broccoli, followed by lemon meringue pie.

The afternoon session was spent going through the 3 tunes we'd learned yesterday and showcasing what we'd worked on. I didn't fall apart which was something.
A final scone and tea and getting our stuff together. Then it was into the cab going to the station with 2 other women who'd we'd found were on our train. Had a good half hour to wait at the station, so we chatted on the platform by the cafe and Dave the guitarist also turned up, but he was getting on a different train.

The 2 other women were in our coach but in different seats so we didn't see much of them after that. A long journey - E slept for a bit, then we chatted. The air con was working this time and it wasn't too crowded.

Unpacked quickly when I got home and restricted myself to a bit of fruit and cheese after today's massive scoff-ups.


30 June 2019
Crowcombe, Somerset
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