White poppy by boxplayer

White poppy

Or Californian tree poppy I think - in St James's Park.

Hottest day ever apparently. Almost unspeakable heat for the UK, and the cloud cover just made it feel like a sauna.

The neighbours popped round just before they went off on hols this morning depositing a sunflower for us to look after and some milk and yoghurt to use up.

Walked leisurely through the parks today trying to keep cool. The tube had been virtually deserted with people worried about the heat and resulting transport chaos.

Bit of a useless day of not getting much done not even Pilates which I'd cancelled so I could get to see the new boss, but she came and went rather irritatingly.while I was just outside the building eating my gluten-free pasta (left over from cousin's visit) on the hot wall.

The clouds were gathering and there was the odd rumble of thunder as I came out of the tube on the way home. Stopped briefly to get a pepper from the corner shop and when I came out, the heavens had opened. Sheltered in the doorway for 5 mins, watching people scurry for cover.

Home, I prepared halloumi peppers with extra feta and avocado to pad it out as I didn't have much halloumi, and some aubergine slices along with cavolo nero. Put a bread on while waiting for Dave who was very late - the last day of preparing for a weekend show at Hatfield House.

Read outside for a bit consuming a couple of gins, that Swedish one Dave got me is very nice. Got out the lanterns and a reading light when it got very dark so that I could try and carry on reading - a mite tricksy and I felt like I was being eaten my mozies. Foxy arrived too and nosed about.

Rather amazingly, after months of looking, I managed to find a hotel for 2 nights in Sidmouth.

Gin and lanterns https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-07-25

25 July 2019
St James's Park SW1
Thats a nice looking poppy
August 18th, 2019  
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