S1 Food Bar by boxplayer

S1 Food Bar

Hadn't noticed these sculptural reliefs on this building on the way to the office in Sheffield from the station. As for the closed up food bar - saw a news report online that said police and council officers had been granted a temporary order to close it after persistent anti-social behaviour problems and alleged drug dealing. Nice

A very early start after a terrible restless night with a lot of fretting and anxiety dreams. Working in Sheffield on a sunnyish warm day except for a bit of spitting at lunchtime.

Used my new keepcup at Starbucks where I got my breakfast for the training - amazingly they spelled my name right.

Checked through loads of the police recruitment campaign emails on the train, but very tired. Not much time to get through anything much else at work. Spoke to Tulin again, feeling better as the issues with the tenants seem to have been sorted. Had a 1-to-1 with James, before an early jacket with cheese round the corner in Albies. Nice friendly place with a nice ambience.

Then the reason I was up in Sheffield, a training session on mentoring the interns. Very useful, and I managed to get out of the last exercise and the role play because the fire alarm went off and by the time we were let back in, half an hour had passed, so they skipped most of it.

Back to work briefly then off to the station to catch the train back. Mum called with news of free tickets to Aladdin next week which sounds good. More checking of work emails on the train journey back - intercepted some ridiculous escalation emails from the senior managers trying to get the campaign website moving forward.

At St Pancras, was pleased to see that Hatchards hadn't closed down - it has just moved into a bigger shop on the concourse. Browsed a bit and bought a book on Bulgaria, nothing there on Istanbul though.

Home to pizza and sweetcorn and a double episode of Friends ending series 9. One more to go.

Fitzalan Square Sheffield https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-08-22

22 August 2019
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