Starling in the hedge by boxplayer

Starling in the hedge

Found this fellow and lots of his cronies as well as sparrows really going for it in the hedge just outside Burger King at the retail park. Can't think why they'd hang around Burger King...

A much brighter, crisper day, very autumny in fact. A quick breakfast after a lie-in and then the 2-minute silence. After drove to Tottenham Hale to look at gadgets in Curry's PC World or whatever they're called now.

Cars were backing up out of the car park so went round to the other side where it was just as bad with people only finding parking spots if someone happened to be leaving just as they were passing. A space came free just in front of us and we thought the woman in front would nab it. We nearly gave up and went home, but the poor woman couldn't manage the tight parking by the big van and bollard so she gave up and we got it.

Curry's was very busy - we kept getting asked if we needed help while we were browsing laptops then of course when we'd made our mind up, no one was to be found. Decided on a Lenovo chromebook for Dave, bit of a bargain with quite a lot taken off.

Went over to the Carphone Warehouse franchise - this was even busier with all 3 staff taken up with customers. Wandered over to the headphones before coming back to wait.
Dave decided on a cheap Honor phone who we found out after are made by Huawei who we'd been trying to avoid.

Drove to the Ferry Inn for lunch. Cosy with the fire lit but very busy and no tables free other than a big one in a corner you had to perch at more or less. Then as we were sitting down,a table came free so leapt on it.

Had a very nice bloody shiraz gin and tonic but the scampi, chips and peas weren't great - rather measly looking. And Dave's linguine was too watery. The waiting staff seemed unengaged and rather unwithit - had to ask for the various condiments. Place is closing for a refurb for several weeks so maybe they're winding down a bit.

Spent the whole afternoon after that completing the back up of all my photo albums - whew. Decided against going to see Riley Baugus at the folk club - did a big root vegetable and sausage tray bake with gravy and watched His Dark Materials.

Dumped red chair

10 November 2019
Tottenham N15
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