Tony Hall at Islington Folk Club by boxplayer

Tony Hall at Islington Folk Club

Doing his idiosyncratic, eccentric thing with old songs, new songs, and everything in between.

Quite busy at work today - tried to finally do my midyear evaluation but kept getting pulled onto other things. Went home, bringing back fish and chips which we ate with an episode of Father Ted.

Got the tube after to Highbury and Islington in the damp, slightly rainy evening - to the Taproom for the gig with Tony Hall. The club has moved to a tiny basement room with not all that much leeway, the chairs all cramped together. Very difficult to find cheap venues in pubs these days.

Was very busy and sold out though for an eccentric set as always from - tunes, songs, contemporary, trad - all sorts. Some OK floor spots, not so OK. Nice bar upstairs but got cross as the woman serving couldn’t see I was waiting and kept serving the old folkies before me. Grumble.

Home in good time though.


21 November 2019
Islington N1
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