Christmas Eve prosecco by boxplayer

Christmas Eve prosecco

A toast to the start of Christmas proceedings with mum and Dave.

Still at work and had to go into the office which was mildly irritating. Even quieter today than yesterday obviously. Was deserted on the streets and on the tube too comparatively. The few of us in all bunched together around the same desks.

Did a few odd jobs, ate my sandwich then at 3.30 Rob the unit leader said we could leave. Decided not to run up to Uniqlo in Oxford Street - that would be madness I thought. So went to Oddbins in Pimlico to pick up some stouts and porter for Dave - having failed miserably to get some in beforehand. Good thing as the big Sainsbury;s had none.

Was in WH Smith's in Victoria station having a quick look for books when I saw their little headphones concession. And remembered I hadn't ordered them for Dave and he'd specifically asked for them as his main Christmas present and sent me a link - major failing - not been as organised as I thought this year, despite the presents spreadsheet. Ordered them there and then via my phone.

Got home to make up a big red cabbage braised thingie and start on the trifle. Mum arrived and Dave made us a couple of sidecars Wrapped Dave's presents on the kitchen table (while Dave did mine upstairs) and when Mum went off to watch Eastenders, I prepared the Christmas eve buffet: dips, nibbles, herring, anchovies and crab sticks - bit of a mixed bag. Plus a bottle of prosecco.

Watched the last episode of A Christmas Carol then we all promptly fell asleep on the sofa trying to watch Peter Capaldi in Martins Close. Woke up to have a mince pie and a cup of tea.

Foxy's stale bread and butter

24 December 2019
Walthamstow E17
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